Leopoldo Cólogan

Among the 500 best lawyers in Spain as ranked by EMÉRITA LEGAL based on an objective analysis of judicial data and awarded the Premio Nacional de Ley Siglo XXI 2020.

Leopoldo Cólogan is a renowned lawyer specializing in legal advice in litigation and arbitration, and reference for strategic sectors such as construction and promotion, agriculture, tourism, commerce and distribution, and in advising producers and cooperative organizations, as well as in negotiations with financial entities, insolvency situations, business reorganizations and matters related to shopping centers. He has extensive experience in civil, commercial, bankruptcy, criminal and administrative.

Leopoldo Cólogan has a degree in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid (San Pablo CEU). He began his career at the beginning of 1997, after having trained with experiences in Madrid, Dublin and Brussels. He has been practicing law for more than twenty-three years – more than eight of them as a partner of the international firm Garrigues -, and in 2017 he founded the first “Law Hotel®”, a new concept and office brand, in Santa Cruz of Tenerife, Canary Islands.

This new concept defines experienced digital and law firms that have been partners of legal firms of reference or responsible for legal advice of large companies, which provide a personal and innovative service, which favors intelligent collaboration with clients and other professionals, seeking the balance between professional and family life. “We act autonomously and independently, with a vocation for service, in an honest and transparent way, being respectful of the traditional forms of respect in the treatment between colleagues and that are committed to the formation of new generations of lawyers,” explains Leopoldo Cólogan.

Leopoldo Cólogan has assumed the legal direction of the most relevant lawsuits on construction in the Canary Islands, and is a reference for the main Spanish construction entities. It also highlights his intervention in the secretariat of companies, contractual and extra-contractual, and inheritance matters. Arbitration and mediation, national and international, are some of his vocations, and aims to make the Canary Islands a reference in that.

Leopoldo Cólogan has been a speaker at congresses, teaches courses and is Professor of the University Master’s Degree in Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of La Laguna, in collaboration with the Illustrious Law Society of Santa Cruz of Tenerife to which he belongs, and publishes articles as a contributor to the blog of the financial entity Cajasiete, having selected his four articles published in 2019 in the TOP 10 of the most read in said blog in that year.

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“Leopoldo Cólogan | Law Hotel has been supporting the innovation and responsible business forum Geyser since 2017, as one of its corporate responsibility actions, fulfilling its purpose of innovating by means of humanisation.

Leopoldo Cólogan has been included, from 2015, in the prestigious international directory Best Lawyers.

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“What all large organisations give their employees so that they can start working is, in fact, a mobile phone, a laptop and the best databases.”

27 february 2017

Leopoldo Cólogan represents the epitome of a lawyer who has made transformation one of his distinguishing characteristics.

After twenty years’ professional experience, more than eight of which have been as partner of a large international firm at Garrigues, he has recently established his own offices in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands) and has created a new law firm bearing his name.

At the age of 44, you have begun a new era, developing your own project and the ‘Leopoldo Cólogan’ brand. Surely there were several, but what was the main motivation for this change?

Being able to continue to develop myself professionally in my various guises, including being a lawyer, as well as being a teacher and writing legal articles, with the independence and autonomy that undertaking your own project allows you, after reaching a certain level of personal maturity after twenty years of practice as a lawyer, and also finding a balance between my professional life and my personal and family life

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In recognition of the milestone of having his 4 articles of 2019 in the Top10

12 february 2020

Today we recognize in an interview the milestone achieved by Leopoldo Cólogan, our regular collaborator on the subject of Legislation, which got his 4 articles published in the year were among the 10 most read out of about 100 that appeared in this recent 2019.

In this interview we will learn more about Leopoldo Cólogan, both professionally and personally, the concerns you have and your project Leopoldo Cólogan | Law Hotel in which he has been immersed for several years.

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Interview with Leopoldo Cólogan | Law Hotel, Premios Nacionales de LEY 2020

6 de octubre de 2020